Cosant Cyber Security’s Crypto-Ransom Terms & Conditions

Cosant Cyber Security will pay up to  $1,000 in Bitcoin if an employee opens an attachment or clicks on a link which infects their workstation and/or file share with a strain of mass-phishing crypto-malware. The infection needs to be reported to KnowBe4 immediately and we will provide the Bitcoin or a refund of your Bitcoin payment within 24 hours.

Cosant Cyber Security will not pay for any ransomware late-fees in case an organization waits too long past the initial deadline, or refund large, negotiated ransoms. All employees need to have completed the training successfully as shown in the management console that is either one of the following:

You need to send every employee a simulated phishing attack at least once a month to be eligible for the Crypto-Ransom Guarantee. Guarantee is valid worldwide for 12 months after the date of the initial Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training order, but you need to be onboarded as customer 90 days after the initial order to be eligible.

Offer limited to a one-time incident over 12 months per account.  Your initial Cosant Cyber Security minimum order size needs to be $1,000 for the Security Awareness Training exclusively (IT Security Policy generation and consulting work is excluded from the minimum order size). Cosant Cyber Security reserves the right to change these conditions at any time. Offer valid only for individual corporate accounts, not for consumers. If you are running our training on your own LMS you need to send us proof that the user completed the training module.


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