Cyber Security Consulting Revenue, without having to do the work

Why MSPs Partner with Cosant for Cyber Security

Many MSPs and IT companies aspire to engage the booming cyber security market
They are targeting cyber security to supplement their portfolio and drive revenue.
Here’s what we hear from successful MSPs who decide to work with us to achieve these goals. They are:

  • Excited to capture the remediation technology spend that results from security program implementation
  • Striving to differentiate from the growing competition and commoditization among MSPs
  • Looking at Cyber security as point of entry to compete for IT services and dislodge incumbents
  • Reducing vulnerability to competitive IT providers
  • Avoiding consulting business that’s outside their expertise, and having to lead clients through program development, documentation, and auditing
  • Focusing on IT solutions, without having to develop policies and procedures in departments, such as HR, Legal, accounting and management
  • Worried that a cyber vulnerability could undermine their client’s confidence in the MSP, and create a potential liability

How Cosant Cyber Security Puts you in the Cyber Security Market

We do the security program for your clients, you capture 3+ revenue streams:

  • Fill technology gaps identified in the security audit, such as remote device management, upgrading legacy devices, or cloud migration
  • Capture recurring revenue associated with third-party cyber monitoring and detection software.  Turbo charge the cyber security software assets already in your portfolio
  • Management/referral fee associated with Cosant security program development fees; we bill direct or through you, your call

In addition, you capture revenue from any security incidents; remediation revenue for forensics and restoration


Cosant serves as a virtual CISO for you and your customers.

We help you and your clients with:

    • Security expertise for strategy and addressing your client’s security questionnaires
    • Increased efficiency, by automating your clients’ response to cyber security questionnaires
    • Differentiate yourself among new prospects, while elevating yourself to a “trusted advisor” among existing clients
    • Security as a point of entry for new prospects, and a barrier against competitive entry

As your trusted security partner, we help to reduce your reputation and liability risk in supporting your client’s security.

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Additional Support for our MSP partners:

  • We provide security-messaging assets for prospect marketing, including whitepapers, social media posts, videos
  • Consulting and expertise to position your MSP as a thought-leader in cyber security
  • Cross-post backlinks for increased “security” SEO results
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