Webinar: Don’t Let Cyber Security and Compliance Become Revenue Friction

Do security questionnaires grind your sales to a halt?

Are compliance requirements invading your RFPs and contracts?

Do you need SOC 2, CMMC, NIST CSF, ISO 27001, or HIPAA to stay competitive?

May 12th, 12-12:50PM PST via Zoom

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Cyber Security threatens your business. It doesn't have to threaten your revenue. This webinar will show you how a strategic approach to security and compliance can grow your sales as opposed to being "revenue friction".

When your sales team is managing the constant barrage of security questionnaires, they're not selling. When compliance requirements stand between you and a closed deal or a new opportunity, you're falling behind competitors. If you sell to enterprise clients and you're not seeing these barriers yet, you will soon.

Cosant and TBConsulting are cohosting our webinar, "Don't Let Cyber Security and Compliance Become Revenue Friction", May 12th. You'll learn:

  • When and how cyber security and compliance requirements will impact your business
  • How to make cyber security and compliance revenue-focused rather than fear-based
  • A compliance and security questionnaire management approach that accelerates deals
  • How a market-driven security program not only helps revenue, but ALSO secures your operation and reduces stakeholder risk

Meet Our Webinar Speakers

Brian Grayek, CISO, Cosant Cyber Security

As vCISO, Brian applies his decades of cyber security experience to support Cosant and its clients in securing their operations and meeting compliance requirements. Brian has over 3 decades of experience, with security roles at Verizon, Computer Associates and Motorola.

Tyler Edgett, Security Practice Manager, TBConsulting

Tyler has 10 years of experience in systems, network, and security engineering and 5 years of IT management. Tyler’s passion for technology has led the security team to build one of the most comprehensive security platforms available. He’s excited to share that platform with customers and provide them the peace of mind that comes with TBC’s people, processes, and technologies

Mark Kirstein, VP Customer Success, Cosant Cyber Security

Mark supports Cosant's successful clients achieve their security strategy objectives. Originally a computer engineer, Mark has advised companies throughout the technology industry in the networking, mobile and computer space for over 30 years.

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