Cyber Security Awareness Training Modules: Effective and Efficient, Customized Around You.

The importance of effective Cyber Security awareness training cannot be overstated. Making sure you have a sound IT security policy in place and taking the time to build an impermeable Human Firewall will make all the difference when the day inevitably comes that you encounter harmful Cyber Threats.

Cosant and its Cyber Security experts have developed a system of over 70 security training topics designed to grow your employees’ understanding of the threats we face from online attack. Our experts will work with your IT team and organizational leadership to determine which modules are right for your system.


Training modules include:

  • Basic Cyber Security Awareness Fully interactive, takes you on a tour of the threat landscape and shows the most common ways we can be tricked.
  • Safe Web Browsing. Fun, interactive course where you will learn interesting facts about the World Wide Web and how to avoid common dangers.
  • CEO Fraud. A 10-minute module where employees are brought up to speed to inoculate them from the various forms of CEO Fraud, also known as Business Email Compromise.
  • Ransomware:Engaging course that explains the types of ransomware, how it works, how to stear clear of potential threats, and how to identify the top attack vectors.

Cosant provides training in the most important areas at risk for your business. These are some of the more than 21 modules available:

Cosant Cyber Training Modules

  • Cosant Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Basics of Credit Card Security
  • CEO Fraud
  • Common Threats, Part 1 – Miranda’s Story
  • Common Threats, Part 2 – Miranda’s Story
  • Creating Strong Passwords
  • Financial Institution Physical Security
  • GDPR
  • GLBA Security Awareness Training
  • Handling Sensitive Information
  • Mobile Device Security
  • PCI Compliance Simplified
  • Ransomware
  • Ransomware For Hospitals Training
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Social Engineering Red Flags
  • The Danger Zone
  • Your Role, Internet Security and You

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