Develop a Sound IT Security Policy

Look no further than the latest headlines to know that the cyber threats we face are ever-present. With the combined threat of cyber-attacks like ransomware, phishing attacks and social engineering, the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to build an IT Security Policy that is responsive and that puts strength behind what are inevitably your system’s weakest links—your employees.


Having the proper IT security policies in place is your first line of defense against phishing scams, ransomware, social engineering and other cyber threats. Our IT security policy documents help prevent security breaches and mitigate their consequences. The experts at Cosant work to combat these issues by building your IT security policy from the ground up.

  • Needs Assessment. Evaluate existing IT security policies if available to ensure they comply with best practices.
  • Threat Assessment. Determine any specific threats as well as those that are common to a specific industry.
  • We provide partners with more than 50 information security policies with detailed provisions regarding your organization’s acceptable use policies, training programs for raising IT security awareness, incident response practices, and specific requirements needed to mitigate and manage IT risks.
  • Our security policies receive continual updating to reflect practical and regulatory requirements.

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