Lay the Foundation for Your Human Firewall

You have worked hard to create a strong organizational reputation. It is painful to think about how quickly your reputation could be damaged in the time it takes to click an attacker’s link.

Today, cyber attacks are all too common. Given the risk, doesn’t it make sense to fortify your last line of defense – your employees? Your people may unknowingly compromise your entire organization when they are not trained and aware of the many cyber threats that exist today.


Cosant Security is committed to helping you overcome social engineering cyberattacks.

We train your staff in the basics of cybersecurity; your first line of defense against potentially harmful cyberattacks. These attacks can sideline production, damage your reputation, or erode consumer trust, having a devastating impact on your ROI.

Establishing your Human Firewall through our targeted Cyber Security Services and Training programs will help fortify your organization against online attack.


Review these core services to learn more about how you can protect your organization from cyberattacks:

  • IT Security Policy Development. Defend against harmful cyberattacks. Develop a sound IT security policy to strengthen your cyber security and lay the foundation for your Human Firewall.
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training. Equip your employees with the necessary tools to be able to identify cyber security risks and prevent cyberattacks.
  • Cyber Security Training Modules. Choose from a system of 17 Cyber Security Awareness Training Modules designed to grow employee understanding of threats to cyber security.

Contact us today, to learn how you can protect your organization and its data.

Cyber Security Services & Training

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