Find the Training Module That’s Right for You

Pat yourself on the back. If you’re here looking for a Cyber Security training module that’s right for your business, you’ve already accomplished step one of building your Human Firewall —identifying a need. It is a crucial step, in fact, to understand throughout the training process both the need to secure our digital assets from online attack and how that need translates into value for our organization.

The majority of our partners are seeking Cyber Security services and training because of the recent exponential growth of online threats, or because they recently suffered a breach in their network. Either way, finding the right training module can push our clients ahead of the curve on Cyber Security awareness.

Working with a Cosant expert, you will explore the training modules and choose an introduction to Cyber Security awareness that is right for you. These introductory modules take users on a tour of the threat landscape to show you the most common methods used by cybercriminals to wreak havoc on your computer systems and mobile devices. There are several opportunities in which to engage real-world scenarios that help you identify the signs of a possible attack. The introductory training content is split up into three different lengths, allowing users to customize their level of engagement.

From there, the training modules go on a deep dive into some of the most common cyber threats and some of the various remediation efforts your business can undertake to ensure your employees don’t fall victim to online attacks. Also, some of the courses focus on different aspects of regulatory compliance. Here are a few examples:

  • Cyber Security Awareness Training (15, 30 or 45 Minutes) – This interactive module takes you on a tour of the cyber threat landscape and shows you, and your team, the most common ways bad guys attempt to trick you. Three actual scenarios show you common strategies and techniques hackers use to take control of your computer systems. You will learn about the seven areas of an email that can contain red flags that alert you to a possible attack. Apply what you’ve learned when you help a typical computer user stay away from six real-world social engineering attacks.
  • CEO Fraud. This 10-minute module brings users up to speed on the practice known as CEO Fraud, where hackers generate emails posing as a company executive. It is a method that has become more advanced in recent years, and the training exercises touch on important themes, such as social engineering, email spoofing, and the two primary ways that CEO Fraud is perpetrated.
  • Handling Sensitive Information Safely. A 15-minute module that specializes in making sure employees understand the value and the essentials of practicing safe handling of sensitive information. This information includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), Credit Card data (PCI DSS), and proprietary business knowledge exchanged during everyday communications.
  • PCI Compliance Simplified. This 15-minute module uses real-world examples of credit card fraud to explain the use of PCI compliance to protect your organization. This course is especially valuable to anyone responsible for handling credit card information. The training includes downloadable information, essential references to help you become PCI compliant.

Whether you are rebounding from a recent cybersecurity breach or simply looking to get your employees ahead of the curve on their cybersecurity awareness, Cosant has an array of tools to help optimize your training. Contact us to begin building your Human Firewall.

Cyber Security Awareness Training: Advanced Features

Due to the extreme rates of change found throughout the information technology sphere, Cyber Security as a field is constantly evolving. Technologies such as data automation and advanced cyber analytics may not have existed 20 years ago, but today they are reshaping the landscape of Cyber Security.

Take for instance the ways in which social engineering has become a primary source of Cyber Security threats.

Social engineering, as it pertains to Cyber Security, refers to the use of deceptive techniques to trick unsuspecting users to divulge private information.

Social engineering is a concept that has been taking shape for decades, but with the growth of cloud connectivity and the increasing dependence of business on the Internet for even the most mundane functions, the playing field has expanded for those who would inflict cyberattacks using the principles of social engineering.

Cosant’s team of experts are leaders in helping organizations effectively focus on social engineering attacks.  Cosant Cyber Security’s offering is built around Cyber Security Awareness Training curriculum which helps organizations prevent social engineering attacks.

Here are some of the latest innovations and advanced features we use to enhance the Human Firewall:

  • Automated Security Awareness Program (ASAP). Many IT pros do not know exactly where to start when it comes to creating a security awareness program that will work for their organization. Cosant’s Automated Security Awareness Program (ASAP) is a revolutionary new tool for IT professionals that brings data automation to bear on your Cyber Security Awareness experience. Cosant builds a customized Cyber Security Awareness Program for your organization that will show you the steps needed to create a fully mature training program in only a few minutes. The process of creating the program is made simple by ASAP’s user-friendly interface. Answer between 15 and 25 questions about your organization and goals, and the program will be scheduled for you automatically. Program tasks will be based on industry best-practices optimized to helping you achieve your security awareness goals.
  • Dashboard Analytics. As the business world has come to rely heavily upon analytics for achieving optimal performance, innovations in the visualization of new and old metrics have made these analytics more accessible to the average user. Cosant’s Phishing and Training Dashboard allows teams to see overall performance, detect weaknesses, and track performance over time at a glance.
  • Simulated Phishing. Cosant’s data-conscious approach to Cyber Security enables us to easily tailor solutions to your organization’s needs. Our unique simulate phishing platform gives users the ability to design, schedule, and send an unlimited number of Simulate Phishing Security Tests (PSTs) to employees during a subscription period. Cosant’s extensive library of phishing templates allows you to deliver “turnkey phishing” and can be activated in less than 30 minutes.

If you are considering Cyber Security awareness training for your employees, talk to our team of experts to determine a custom experience designed around your organizational needs.