It’s about your risk and reputation, not your technology®

Our mission is to help organizations reduce their risk and protect their reputation.  We understand that security must align with your organization’s objectives and culture.  Cosant takes great pride in promoting ourselves as business enablers, not obstacles to your organization’s mission and vision.

We serve midsized and emerging organizations in all industries throughout the United States.  Cosant was founded to address a gap in cost effective IT and Cyber Security leadership available to middle market organizations.


Cosant Cyber Security advisors, consultants and vCISOs all have a unique blend of business savvy, information technology experience and deep information security expertise.  Our staff is fluent in communicating with all staff from technicians to engineers to the C-suite and Board of Directors.

Our advisors, consultants and vCISOs are required to pass a comprehensive background check with FBI’s Infragard program, hold a B.S. Degree in Information Technology or a subfield and maintain current CISSP, CISM or PMP certification status.  Additionally, 5 years of direct experience providing executive level IT and Cyber Security leadership is required.  Many of our staff have these qualifications in tandem with decades of progressive information technology and security experience.



Cosant is specialized and focused on providing cost effective executive level information security leadership – period.  We are vendor agnostic and we are not general practitioners, but rather a specialized and focused professional consulting and advisory firm.

Contact us today for a free consultation to better understand the things that you should be thinking about to keep your organization secure.

Infragard and Security