Have your clients asked for help with a data security addendum or questionnaire?

Question 1 from our recent article “5 Cyber Security Questions MSPs Should Ask Their Clients”. 1. MSP to Client: “Have your prospects or clients started requiring a data security addendum, a security questionnaire or included security as an RFP requirement?”

Cascading compliance requirements are among the biggest drivers of rigorous cyber security planning. More companies are focusing on vendor risk management. They want to ensure their suppliers don’t put them at risk. (Hint: The recent SolarWinds supply chain attack will play big in this area.)
Information security compliance regulations are coming your way, sooner or later.

Asking for help with a data security addendum is an indication the companies and their clients are concerned about cyber security.

What other information security compliance questions should clients and MSPs discuss?

Small and medium businesses are quickly ramping into the information security compliance pool. Publicity around security breaches captures the attention of both their enterprise clients and regulators. As a result, a data security addendum becomes a routine part of evaluating potential suppliers. Typically, a company’s first response is to ask their Managed Service Provider (MSP) or IT team for help. This is an opportunity for the MSP to open a broader security discussion. And a security discussion leads to more business for the MSP.

A good security conversation is more about business issues than products or services. There are major implications of a security breach or responding poorly to security questions. These have a direct impact on the company’s brand, reputation and revenue. Helping your clients can help them win the deal. When the underlying IT security products and services tie directly to business issues, the Return-on-Investment (ROI) is clear.

Find out more security questions to ask clients and start the discussion.