Are you Confident that you’ve Minimized your Cyber Security Risks?

Cosant is the security partner you can trust to address your cyber security and compliance requirements. We help you protect your company’s data, business continuity, and reputation.

Are you Confident that you’ve Minimized your Cyber Security Risks ?

A Solid Cyber Security
Solution Starts with a Plan

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Streamlined security

Streamlined cyber security implementation strategies from industry-leading professionals

Customized roadmap

Customized security roadmap and program leadership

Achieve compliance

Achieve critical compliance measures

Industries That Trust Cosant

Managed Service Providers (MSP’s)
Manufacturing & Defense
And More

Data Security and Compliance

You know the why.
We provide the how.


discarded sales proposals caused by missing information security requirements


effectively and efficiently to cyber security sales requirements


late-stage sales delays caused by missing input from multiple departments


security gaps from creating significant revenue loss

Every company’s
data security needs are unique

Changes in personnel, company cultures, and access to business-critical hardware make it necessary to create a custom data security and compliance blueprint in order to build a truly secure defense around your business’ daily operations.

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Customized Cyber Security Framework
Customized Cyber Security Framework

Cosant’s data security experts analyze your current risk and develop a customized blueprint for an ideal cyber security solution.

Practical Approach and Implementation
Practical Approach and Implementation

As a vendor-neutral security consultant, we help you make ROI-based decisions, based on your risks and stakeholder requirements.

Sustainable Process
Sustainable Process

Moving forward with confidence, our clients can anticipate an adaptable and sustainable process that morphs alongside changing compliance requirements.

Organize Your Security Plan

Step 1

Schedule a Free Consultation with a
Cyber Security Expert

Step 2

Review Your Security and Compliance
Readiness Audit

Step 3

Achieve and Retain Compliance to
Reduce Risk

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What makes Cosant different?

Cosant is a vendor-neutral cyber security consultant that helps successful clients secure their data, diminish risk, and achieve compliance to accelerate revenue.

Cosant helps

Cosant helps you eliminate cyber security as an impediment to client acquisition and revenue. Don’t let compliance requirements and questionnaires slow down your business.

Cosant provides

Cosant provides the experience, mastery, and guidance that many companies need to mitigate the risks of a security breach.

Cosant is vendor-neutral

Cosant is vendor-neutral, so we don’t have any hidden agenda to sell you specific cyber security technology. We focus on your objectives and risk-tolerance to build an information security and compliance program tailored to your needs.

Effectual cyber security measures aren’t just plans, documents, and software. Security is operationalized through people who comprehend and execute the plan – all day – every time.

Cosant helps

Cosant furnishes the resources and project leadership for clients to guide the timeline and implementation between the client, IT/MSP professional, and auditor to secure prosperous results.

Cosant provides

Cosant’s cyber security experts design an information security strategy to satisfy and sustain compliance requirements.



A Solid Cyber Security
Solution Starts with a Plan

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Allow Cosant to help protect your business with a cyber security plan that matches your assets and needs.

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Stay Secure

with controls based risk assessments built on industry-specific standards

Meet Requirements

necessary to create trusted relationships with partners and vendors

Get & Stay Compliant

with cyber security programs that adapt to changing regulations

Increase your Revenue

with winning sales proposals built on a compliant foundation

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